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Trust, Loyalty and Communication
We are the solution for your problems


How does it work?

The Landlord passes the property to an Estate Agent and says "hey, find me a tenant" ....We come along. We are the tenant under a Company Let agreement. We then house our tenants.


Responsibilities: ​

The Landlord is responsible for paying the maintenance of the property.

The Estate Agent is in charge of the maintenance of the property and invoices the landlord for any maintenance required.

We, NVD, are responsible for paying the guaranteed rent to the landlord, caring for the property with professional housekeepers, regular inspections, and finding the perfect long-term tenants.

We're here to help you

We aim to view the property as soon as possible. This allows you to let your properties faster and keeps your landlords happy.

Our core values are Trust and Communication. This is key to building long term relationships with agents to create a Win-Win for all parties.

We aim to provide an offer to you within 24hrs of viewing the property. We believe our offers are competitive, however in some cases if the offer is below market value, we have calculated the figures and we ensure it is still profitable for the landlord. After all, we want a win-win for all.

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